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artist statement

"Art is the sorcery of speaking without language. An artist should never tell others what to see, but ask them what they see. Salomé Sibonex draws upon her Cuban heritage to infuse her work with a primitive mysticism that speaks without words. Sibonex seeks out the place where humans and earth collide, the place of primal connection to a world in which we feel increasingly isolated and distrustful.


Sibonex uses direct, minimalistic imagery to reject the maximalist, surface-dwelling media that distract us from ourselves. Drawing on the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious, Sibonex avoids temporal themes like pop culture, instead digging down to remind us of the roots our shared existence grows from. It is in remembering the roots we are all born of that Sibonex believes a cure to existential chaos can be found."

—  Name, Title



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