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Who is she? 

Salomé was born in the hot weathered & even hotter tempered city of Miami in 1991. She’s a writer, visual artist, & overly enthusiastic critic of nothing in particular.


Salomé’s written work spans the topics of identity -- both her own & identity as it functions in society -- psychology of the self, & socio-political subjects.

Her visual art deals with those things that words cannot -- the impulse towards sublime destruction and violence, questions of the metaphysical (what is there, what is not?), spiritualism and mythology as functions of human expression. 

"...Whenever there is something of which he apprehends the meaning, then, in his happiness, he forgets to eat." 

- Tao Chien, Biography of the Gentleman of the Five Willows


Salomé is not currently accepting inquiries or offers.
Please check back at a later date.

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