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Essays. Poetry. Narrative Non-Fiction.

You can read a selection of Salomé's favorite pieces below. More of her work & all things uncategorizable live on the Gemme Blog, linked below.




Weird & Güd Series, 2019. Spiritual Soap Newsletter.

"The I-Thou relationship replaces that detachedness with unity. Where we once reacted or objectified, we now open dialogue. The cow is no longer some-thing to be utilized but an-other to be recognized; the rude stranger becomes not an outside experience we react to but another us we willfully choose to see for the whole of their being; similarly, our partner is not a mixture of many qualities but a unified being we share a portion of reality with. These rare moments of deep, mutual connection are so otherworldly in their power that Buber says we only need them sparingly to quell our chronic existential dread (making I-Thou a close competitor of Prozac)."

2018. La Liga Zine.

“Somos animals aquí. Compared to what she’s used to, we’re animals.” The intense frustration and bitter resentment born out of a stagnant present and a stillborn future is sharp and current, like a wound in reverse. While my mother’s Cuba lacked TVs and even a magazine was a treasured luxury, Cuba today has TV, magazines and even WiFi access in certain places. Of course he felt this way. Cuba was an island, not a cell block, as some might have you believe."


Print, 2017. La Yerbera by La Liga.

"When I wasn’t being carefully watched so as to prevent death by falling fruit (an innate abuelita power is being able to foresee your death coming from even the most innocuous situations), I was sneaking into the vine covered, seemingly 1000 year old rusting shed with a heavy, creaking door that sheltered the altares and food offerings to los santos. When one prospers, so, too, do their gods."



"Honesty is a concept that’s been present so long in human society we don’t consider it often and we rarely reconsider it. We usually approach it the way our societies always have, making tweaks for morphing cultures and shifting moral values. It’s worth much more consideration than we give it. It’s the most fundamental aspect of any worthwhile and healthy relationship, and what is society but a giant collection of relationships?"


2018. La Liga Zine.

"Screaming into the void of consumer demand, many distinct indigenous groups have already organized and continue to speak out against the destruction of their homes for pastureland.Consumer demand has placed the value of meat and milk before that of indigenous peoples lives. Both the Yukpa in Venezuela and the Guarani in Brazil have detailed the violence they’ve experienced at the hands of cattle ranchers, who have gone so far as to murder indigenous people on contested land."